dashboard: explainerfile: explainer.joblib params: title: Placental Abruption Severity Classification name: null description: "This dashboard shows the workings of a fitted\n machine\ \ learning model, and explains its predictions." simple: false hide_header: false header_hide_title: false header_hide_selector: false header_hide_download: false hide_poweredby: false block_selector_callbacks: false pos_label: null fluid: true mode: dash width: 1000 height: 800 bootstrap: null external_stylesheets: null url_base_pathname: null routes_pathname_prefix: null requests_pathname_prefix: null responsive: true logins: null port: 8050 importances: false model_summary: false contributions: false whatif: true shap_dependence: false shap_interaction: true decision_trees: true kwargs: hide_whatifindexselector: false hide_inputeditor: false hide_whatifcontribution: true hide_whatifpdp: true hide_depth: true tabs: null
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סרטון זה הופק במסגרת "יום האחות" ע"י צוות האחיות יולדות ד' בית חולים סורקה 


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